This Is How You Can Preserve Old Monk Forever!

The dark, dingy nights of winter in the country, shacks selling tandoori chicken and men hogging on it with fat pegs of the Holy Old Monk has been a part of our memories… Back then Old Monk was the most loved and respected rum but as time passed the majestic drink lost its lovers to Indian and foreign competitors.

Old Monk is synonymous with the word rum since time unknown and we’ve all loved it for its rustic nature. Now that the regal drink will be off the markets, let’s gather and bid adieu to it. Here are 5 things you have to do before it’s shelved.

1. Two minutes of silence

Let’s recall all those beautiful occasions that wouldn’t have been the same had it not been for The Old Monk. You’ll be missed as much the memories you were part of.

2. Go creative

Gulp down a peg or two and let the creative blood flow through your veins. Pen down or doodle out your feelings. You’ll thank us later.

3. A peg or two with DAD

You’ve inherited your love for Old Monk from your Dad. You’ve got to sit with him and discuss life over a peg of Old Monk.

4. Bulk buying

Hit the nearest Liquor shop and spend your savings on this Old man. He deserves all our love and affection.

5. Support with a tee

Lastly, show your love for the oldie with a Tee from Freecultr.


Buy This Tee here


Buy This Tee Here


Adieu Old Monk. You’ll be missed :(

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Looking For Some Inspiration? Check this out!

We have all been through a number of low points in life. Steve Jobs got fired from the company he built from scratch! Donald Trump lost all his millions! Amitabh Bacchan had a series of horrible flops in his 90s (remember Lal Baadshah, yuck!) 

But they all came back BIGGER! They failed but when they bounced back, they made it larger than before! Because the one thing that they never lost faith in was their own ability to make it big. That’s the one low point they weren’t willing to accept. And neither should any of us..We live in an incredibly competitive and tough world and we have many aspirations but we have to know only one thing – we’ve all got what it takes but to achieve what we want, it’s gonna take all that we have got!

I’d like to share with you 10 of my absolute must-have favorite quotes that inspire me and motivate me to think different and keep that faith in myself. I hope they keep you true to yourself and your path too!














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10 T-shirts That Sum Up Your College Life

It’s that time of the year when we are gearing up for new sessions at college. The excitement has us on the edge of our seats and we can’t wait to see how this new chapter unfolds in our lives. The idea of being in a totally new atmosphere with all things so fancy and cool gives us reasons to shop like crazy. New shoes, bags, tees, denims and the list is endless. But the most significant part of a college-goers wardrobe is a T-shirt. It exudes effortless style and comfort while you’re having fun in the new world.
We’ve a list of T-Shirts that every college student swears by.

1. Hi Sexy

Say hi hello to all the hot babes and cool senior lads. They are your passport to the famous gang of college.

2. Naam to suna hi hoga

Introduce yourself with the coolest tee. Yes, we know your name isn’t Woof but a little humor hurt no one right? :P

3. Tu bhai hai mera

Make friends with bhais and their behens. Be the cool junior with an amazing sense of humor and style.

4. Hang-Wang

Don’t forget to go for Hang-wangs. Get to know everyone and leave an indelible impact with this on point tee.

5. Be the Swagger

Find a banno and be her sexy swagger. Be an instant favorite in your group with desi swag from FREECULTR.


6. Ye girlfriend kahan se download hoti hai?

Now find that one hot babe who is your ‘Sapno ki Rani’. She is going to spice up college life like on one else will.

7. Fall in love with Fridays

Make them go crazy laughing with your funny slangs and one-liners. Party your heart out each Friday.


8. Party-Sharty karenge

On Fridays, put on your party tee and make your way through the crowd in the most happening parties in town.

9. Padhai likhai karlo

Group studies are the most fun part of college life. Mug up the entire syllabus a night before the exam. Try to score good if not to 0 bhi kaam ki cheez hai.

10. Make memories

These are the greatest years of your life. Go crazy, be mad. Live life like there’s no tomorrow. Have fun in college and make memories for a lifetime.

Grab these fun T-Shirts for the upcoming college session at FREECULTR. Stalk the collection here.














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10 T-Shirts Every Guy Should Own

Embrace the gorgeous season of sun and fun with breathable, comfy and stylish t-shirts.  It’s time to unleash the easy goer in you. Swap those formals for a trusty pair of denims and a t-shirt that elevate your summer style. Guys, you’ve got to ditch those crisp shirts already.

Here’s a list of 10 essential t-shirts ever guy should own this summer. Go take a look.

1. Nature Loving

For days when all you want to do is take a walk around the park or just drench a little in the rains.

2. Wander luster

For days when you just want to backpack and go away to places unknown.

3. Talli Nights

For those drunk nights with the lads.

4. Summer Bod

For days when you need motivation to hit the gym.

5. Cheat Days

For those cheat days when you want to gulp in all delicious things.

6. Vacation with Buds

For a fun vacation with your friends to the beaches of Goa.

7. Sexy and you know it

For times when you’re too chic for others.

8. Ladki patana days

Or for days when you’re just plain desperate ;P

9. Mastikhor

For days when you’re cracking up on all and making them laugh their ass off :D

10. Naughty, Sexy & Bitchy

For days when you just want to do something kinky.


Shop these done to perfection, quirky t-shirts from FREECULTR. You can create your own store too.

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7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Beer

Every time you head out for a party all you want to gulp down are pints of beer? While your friends are slurping those fancy cocktails, you enjoy pints and pints of the barley goodness? Then, bro you need to know about these mind-boggling facts about the beloved beer.


1) Can you believe it? It’s like waking up after an age. 2015-06-09 12-19-18


2) Ohh yeaaah!! We are dizzy already! Whhattt aboutt youuu babayyyy? 2015-06-09 12-18-39


3) Prevention is better than cure :P 2015-06-09 12-18-03

4) Beer or Marijuana? What’s your pick? 2015-06-09 12-17-03


5) Bring it on yeah! 2015-06-09 12-19-54


6) The U.S. sure knows how to have fun.



7) Not sure if it was a crisis or a party :P 2015-06-09 12-16-23


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Bring out the Beer Lover in you with these funky Beer Tees by The Beer Cafe available at Freecultr. Shop some beer madness here.

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