Henleys – Transcending/ Trending

There’s a misleading statement that Henleys are only mean’t for guys who are buffed up/work out regularly. What is really interesting about the Henley is, that it is versatile, has a fit in both a casual and a formal occasion, also its so on-trend right now!

Not many people know that this iconic garment gets it’s name from the uniform of the rowers of the popular sport on the town of Henley on Thames.



The Henley is quite often seen on a variety of personalities. What is amazing about this garment is, it’s a no brainer! It is so on-the go!

Here you can see Nolan North, running from a shoot to a date, and all he had to do was touch up his hair! cause his Henley, looked so fine.

Layering it up

Here’s Twilight hunk Kellan Lutz, who is layering it up with a basic white tee inside a melange Henley. Looks interesting how he’s using this piece to show off his muscle power. Also he’s styled it up with a pair of formal trousers with that statement high investment belt. For all those men who want to show brawn with brain, go for this style statement.

Gaming Icons

Think of an everyday activity, hopefully a fun one. Gaming. A bunch of guys sipping some ale, munching on crisps, you know the usual. Now if Nathan Drake who is a treasure hunter, fortune seeker, deep-sea salvage expert, action-pro, and a professional thief, the protagonist from the Unchartered video game series wears it, what stops you?

On-the flight attire

Caught midway while taking a flight, Ryan Gosling quite often seen in a Henley sure travels in style. His black Henley over shiny brown trousers teamed with a pair of shiny loafers is a sure game.

The Real Person

And for some people it just is something you live in. Henley being an easy and free moving garment is something where you can be yourself. No wonder Aamir Khan who’s a no nonsense, see the real me person is quite often seen wearing Henleys in solid colors on Satyamev Jayate; a reality show which brings out real life events in the public eye.

What the urban youth of today wear?

You got your best bud in one arm and the girl your chasing for in the other, the only thing you gotta put on is your basic Henley and you’re good to start off for an interesting evening with friends.

The Gen Y

The Henley is quite a thing among college youth. These solid color Henleys are not only super comfortable, they are super On-trend too. Whether it’s making a first impression on a teacher or it’s that cute girl you want to impress, a basic Henley is something you just cannot go wrong with!

No wonder Ranbir Kapoor is seen wearing a FREECULTR Henley in that recent Lays ad where he plays the college Fresher.

The Henley is moving beyond boundaries

Rapunzel’s boyfriend wears a Henley too!
Seen as the dashing, adventurous guy, from the movie Tanged, he looks like he was made for it.
Also we love the way he’s styed it with a waistcoat with brass buttons and his signature belt and calf length boots to go with it.

Whether it is generations, mediums or personalities, the Henley transcends its heritage charm into personalities of a different kind and seeps in like its second skin. And that’s the very thing about this iconic garment which has made it such a Hit among urban youth, making it a global style statement today! This garment is trending and transcending and looks like it’s gonna continue to do so.

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