5 Off Beat Destinations For You To Discover This Summer

Summers are custom made for vacations! Aren’t they? Are you bored of those stereotype vacation destinations? Well, then here are 5 off beat destinations for you to discover this summer.

1. Cliff Jumping in Rishikesh –
Rafting in Rishikesh is cliché. Try cliff jumping for a real adrenaline rush. Jump off a 20-25 ft gorge into the chilly waters of the holy Ganga; wash off your sins in a plunge like never before.

2. Climb a mountain –
quite literally! At the foothills of Shivalik lies the quaint town of Kasauli. Fairly un commercial compared to its neighbouring counterparts, there are a plethora of hiking trails you can explore. The more adventurous can choose to trek up any one of the mountains on Old Kasauli Road and then see what you find on top (most likely a bunch of hungry monkeys)!



3. Fishing in Kerala’s Backwaters – If you are travelling to Kerala on holiday, you will most likely end up in Alleppey or Kumarakaon. While you are admiring Kerala’s backwaters from your houseboat, be resourceful and catch your own fish for dinner. You can have your cook on board cook it right in front of your eyes. Now that makes for a dinner you will never forget!



4. Ride an ATV down Solang Valley –
A short drive away from Manali lies picturesque Solang Valley, a must for adventure aficionados. Forget skiing, ride one of the many ATVs there, for an experience of a lifetime. You are sure to turn heads while you are driving on the road!



5. Hiking in Anshi national park - Escape from the crowds and head down to Anshi National Park, a short drive from Karwar in the state of Karnataka. Park your car and head for the woods; enjoy the sights and sounds of nature far away from your mundane city life.



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11 Ways In Which A Girl Would Redesign India

tracking_frecultrIt isn’t easy being a girl in India.. I am not exaggerating, not trying to win sympathy or saying this just because it’s the “hot topic of the day”

I am saying it because it’s a reality that men just do not get; and quite frankly, even my close guy friends do not understand our challenges fully!


It truly truly is tough to be stereotyped and judged and have to face obstacles in every phase of life and guys do have it easier, and I don’t blame them for not empathizing with me, but I would love it if they took a moment and thought about what we go through everyday.


This is my wishlist of what I would change if I could #RedesignIndia


1. Change the Perception of Women Being Horrible Drivers & Not Knowing How to Navigate



Bad Drivers



2. Get Rid of Eveteasing & EveTeasers and Be Able To Go Out Anytime I Like!

I Don’t Need Your Likes & Comments



3. Live in a World Where “CXO” Level Isn’t Reserved for Men Only





4. Not Be Judged on a Fairness Card & Be Loved For Who I Am Inside

I Wish Beauty Has No Shade



5. Absolutely Abolish Dowry & The Concept of Marriage Being About Girls’ Parents Having To Shell Out Money



6. Hope That Everyone Realizes That A Girl Can Have Guy Best Friends


Mom, Boy Friend is not equal to Boyfriend



7. Wish That Home is The Domain Where I Feel Loved & Protected, Not Scared





8. Wish That Society Doesn’t Wonder Why I Am Not Married in My 20s


Plan is To Be “Only Awesome”, Not “Only Married



9. Hope That Everyone Realizes That Women Can Be As Inspirational in Sports as Men Can


-These hands can do more than just cook


10. Live in an India Where Candles Are Used Only For Romantic Dinners Only & Not Protests for Basic Rights






11. Make People Realize That Me Wearing Short Clothes Doesn’t Define Who I Am


Wearing What I Want Doesn’t Mean I Want You



If you would love to redesign India and change something about it, we would love it if you could express the same; in fact you can even go ahead and make a Tshirt with your wish designed on it and proudly show it to the world!

Create your own T-shirt store today at FREECULTR.COM | Create, upload, show India what you think and start earning instantly.

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We Give You A Reason To Shop Together <3

If you are single then this post is definitely not for you! Well, if not then we have something that might just spice up your love life. Show off your love in style with our all new couple tee collection, we are sure you’ll fall in love with the designs if not your better half! :P


1. Perfect for the young love birds

screenshot-www.freecultr.com 2015-05-15 11-08-19screenshot-www.freecultr.com 2015-05-15 11-08-41

2. Are you a Devil? Naah but she is your angel for sure! ;)

screenshot-www.freecultr.com 2015-05-15 11-07-52
screenshot-www.freecultr.com 2015-05-15 11-07-34


3. Even if she is one! You have to bear with it.screenshot-www.freecultr.com 2015-05-15 11-11-41

screenshot-www.freecultr.com 2015-05-15 11-11-53

4. For all the ‘One Woman Men’ :P screenshot-www.freecultr.com 2015-05-15 11-10-42
screenshot-www.freecultr.com 2015-05-15 11-11-19


5. Awwwwwwwwww

screenshot-www.freecultr.com 2015-05-15 11-10-09
screenshot-www.freecultr.com 2015-05-15 11-10-24


6. Awwwwwwwwww + Awwwwwwwwww

screenshot-www.freecultr.com 2015-05-15 11-08-56

screenshot-www.freecultr.com 2015-05-15 11-09-12
Check out more designs here: http://bit.ly/1QOsshP

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The ‘Sidhu Fan Club’ takes it to the next level

Hey guys!

Now this is one of the craziest thing we have witnessed on FREECULTR Express till date! We are sure this will get you inspired enough to do something different.

The IPL match between Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers Bangalore at Ferozshah Kotla in Delhi proved how crazy our fans had become! Don’t believe us? We got proof.

These people expressed their love for Sidhu Paaji by wearing FREECULTR Express t-shirts. Sidhu Paaji’s fan club at FREECULTR took a huge jolt at the pitch. Colored in orange t-shirts these men really boosted the players and what could be better than Sidhu paaji being their idol.

These guys call themselves the ‘Sidhu Fan Club‘,they created their tee store on FREECULTR Express and expressed their love for Navjot Singh Sidhu. These t-shirts had a caricature of the man himself Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu along with his famous one liners.

Have a look:

This is what the huddle looked like in the ground!




Lets have a closer look at their t-shirts

Some famous Sidhu quotes like Thoko Band, OO Guroo, Jalwa-e-Jummish were seen on their t-shirts






We think this was a brilliant effort by the ‘Sidhu Fan Club’, we hope all our buyers come up with such innovative ways to express themselves.

You can buy these t-shirts here: http://bit.ly/1zjHKGs

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11 Tees you should wear to your work place!

Hey guys!

Long time right? Sorry we were busy building kick-ass tees for you! ;)

How many of you know that today is Labour Day? Not many I think, because we don’t really consider ourselves as labour anymore! But, let me tell you we are all white collar laborers. Haha! Yes that’s true in some way or the other! Well, work life is fun sometimes but frustrating a lot of times. And the worst part is that one cannot even express his feelings to anyone around in office.  But those times are gone, you can actually express your frustration at office to anyone, be it your boss! (No he wont fire you for that :P). So here we have a bunch of t-shirts you can wear to your work place on any random day! Believe us you will surely be the star of the day, all you need is some courage and the attitude to carry these super awesome office tees.


1. Mondays are always depressing right? 




2. When you’re in no mood to go to office wear this! :P




3. Well, if you are the boss! You can rule around wearing this! ;)





4. A perfect tee for you if you are high on life! :D






 5. Take a dig at all your colleagues!




6. Tell them how hard you’re working to save your job! LOL


7.  Let everyone know how hard your job is! 





8. The perfect FRIDAY tee isn’t it?





9. Becoming the EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH is no more difficult! 






10. An easy way to tell people to mind their own business! ;)




11. Well, Mondays will always be scary!


11 (2)



Hope you love our new office tee collection, you can buy all these tees here: http://bit.ly/1HTRr03





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