7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Beer

Every time you head out for a party all you want to gulp down are pints of beer? While your friends are slurping those fancy cocktails, you enjoy pints and pints of the barley goodness? Then, bro you need to know about these mind-boggling facts about the beloved beer.


1) Can you believe it? It’s like waking up after an age.

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2) Ohh yeaaah!! We are dizzy already! Whhattt aboutt youuu babayyyy?

screenshot-www.factslides.com 2015-06-09 12-18-39


3) Prevention is better than cure :P

screenshot-www.factslides.com 2015-06-09 12-18-03

4) Beer or Marijuana? What’s your pick?

screenshot-www.factslides.com 2015-06-09 12-17-03


5) Bring it on yeah!

screenshot-www.factslides.com 2015-06-09 12-19-54


6) The U.S. sure knows how to have fun.



7) Not sure if it was a crisis or a party :P

screenshot-www.factslides.com 2015-06-09 12-16-23


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Filmy Funde With A Twist!

Bollywood movies most of the times are filled with double meaning dialogues, right? We have tried to convey some of them in our very own way on t-shirts.

1) Tumhe meri kasam 

Kasam toh khani hi padegi!

screenshot-www.freecultr.com 2015-06-22 11-20-41
2) Senorita

Hola Senorita!

screenshot-www.freecultr.com 2015-06-22 11-21-05

3) Full Power Punjabi

Bijli ho na ho punjabi toh hai.


screenshot-www.freecultr.com 2015-06-22 11-21-22

4) The New Way To Ask Someone Out

Have you made a move?

screenshot-www.freecultr.com 2015-06-22 11-21-41


5)  Can You Guess Which Movie This Is?

Shift+Delete karna padega.

screenshot-www.freecultr.com 2015-06-22 11-22-03

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Say HELLO To Office Casuals

Corporate clothing has drastically evolved over the years! From full-fledged corporate suits, to shirts, and trousers, to jeans and shirts to t-shirts and shorts now. Clothing majorly affects the working culture of a company, Yes this is what some big names in the corporate world say.



Mark Zuckerberg (CEO/ Founder Facebook) himself tries carrying a cool and composed look to his office. He is mostly seen wearing tees which he pairs up with a cool pair of jeans and loafers or sports shoes.



Evan Spiegel (CEO Snapchat) wears a lot of message tees at work, he makes sure his tees send across a strong message and are not offensive.





In order to  reduce his persona to spotlight the product and not overshadow the brand Steve Jobs always believed in dressing up casually, he was mostly seen wearing a black t-shirt with a blue jeans along with sneakers.




steve jobs




To name some Indian entrepreneurs, Deepinder Goyal (CEO/Founder Zomato)  is rarely seen in suits and ties. He prefers t-shirts and jeans paired up with classy sneakers.




FREECULTR as the name says believes in cool office culture too, being an apparel brand we believe in dressing up casually to office. Here is how our CEO Sandeep Singh and COO Rajesh Narkar like dressing up for office.
IMGL1459 (1)



Another corporate heavyweight INFOSYS decided to announce a more relaxed dress code for their employees. Every day should be a Friday and that is what Vishal Sikka (CEO Infosys) seems to believe in.Slowly but steadily big names in the corporate world are going the casual way!


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5 Off Beat Destinations For You To Discover This Summer

Summers are custom made for vacations! Aren’t they? Are you bored of those stereotype vacation destinations? Well, then here are 5 off beat destinations for you to discover this summer.

1. Cliff Jumping in Rishikesh –
Rafting in Rishikesh is cliché. Try cliff jumping for a real adrenaline rush. Jump off a 20-25 ft gorge into the chilly waters of the holy Ganga; wash off your sins in a plunge like never before.

2. Climb a mountain –
quite literally! At the foothills of Shivalik lies the quaint town of Kasauli. Fairly un commercial compared to its neighbouring counterparts, there are a plethora of hiking trails you can explore. The more adventurous can choose to trek up any one of the mountains on Old Kasauli Road and then see what you find on top (most likely a bunch of hungry monkeys)!



3. Fishing in Kerala’s Backwaters – If you are travelling to Kerala on holiday, you will most likely end up in Alleppey or Kumarakaon. While you are admiring Kerala’s backwaters from your houseboat, be resourceful and catch your own fish for dinner. You can have your cook on board cook it right in front of your eyes. Now that makes for a dinner you will never forget!



4. Ride an ATV down Solang Valley –
A short drive away from Manali lies picturesque Solang Valley, a must for adventure aficionados. Forget skiing, ride one of the many ATVs there, for an experience of a lifetime. You are sure to turn heads while you are driving on the road!



5. Hiking in Anshi national park - Escape from the crowds and head down to Anshi National Park, a short drive from Karwar in the state of Karnataka. Park your car and head for the woods; enjoy the sights and sounds of nature far away from your mundane city life.



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